TD Tower Defense: Base Defender Tactical Tank War


Tower Defense: Base Defender TD Play now this Tower Defense Game for free!
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February 22, 2021
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Tower Defense: Base Defender TD Play now this Tower Defense Game for free!

Base Defender – Tower Defense game

It´s a classic Tower Defense Game with realistic military towers, tanks as enemies and an upgrade system for the towers. You also be able to buff your towers for critical hits. Be aware – you really need to develop your own good strategy. The tanks get stronger and stronger. You can skill your commanders and weapons to deal more damage. Also the placement of your towers is important to get you base defended. You have to place your tower with some tactics in mind otherwise the tanks will break into your base and you are lost.

– 15 Levels with different degree of difficulty
– 5 different towers – 10 different enemytypes
– Upgrades for your towers – Special weapons
– Tank waves
– special explosion effects
– tactical skills required
– be the commander in this war

In this Tower Defense TD Game you have to plead your base with realistic military towers against tank waves in different levels. Gameplay: In this TD you are able to build defending Towers on specific platforms. You should defend your base with them. Tanks will roll on one ore more roads to your base. For each killed tank you will earn some money. You also will earn money for each cleared wave. Money is needed to build or upgrade you towers in Defender Game. Your towers are able to take damage, but there is a healing ability. Abilities need energy which is automatically refilled.

Abilities Tower Defense Game

Strike -> Damages all near targets and stuns them for 3-5 seconds

Critical Buff -> Buffs your towers in range. They will hit the tanks critical and deals more damage

Repair -> Repairs one tower

In this defender game are a lot of perks. You can upgrade each tower with some special effects. Some Towers deals more damage or stuns targets or gain more resources. Perks are valid for each level.

App-Permissions: This Tower Defense Game will access your memory to install updates and extensions.


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